Rando Two-Fer

Deep in the lucky-dip grab bag, we find this unimpressive, damaged 1997 Humvee. Clearly one that's been played with, it has damaged tampos top and sides, as well as a bent front axle.

Also today, I have this thing. When I purchased my Pikes Peak Celica, the seller threw a wrapped bundle labelled "Free!" in with it. Inside that bundle was this.

The only markings on the base say "Made in China", which probably isn't a terribly huge surprise. But I can't find anything else about it. The various tampos -- "Howw Racing", "Hal's Oil" etc don't lead to anything; the only thing minorly amusing is that Morris Goodman appears to have been some kind of motivational speaker of sime kind. Build-wise it isn't the cheapest thing in my collection -- decent body construction, rivets holding it all together. Not the best fit and finish though. I have no idea what it is or where it came from.