Mazda Furai

Another multipack exclusive for 2018 is this Mazda Furai, which is one of the best ones that they've done that I've been able to collect. I like the deep burgundy satin color, and the tampoing is discreet and excellent.

Mazda Furai
2018 Multipack Exclusive
But is it worthy? I don't think so -- as good as it is, it doesn't displace either of the 24 Ours that are currently up there, and I don't see anything else that I'm willing to part with while this is in my hand. So, it's very good -- but not a knockout punch.


Green Machine

The first of the two multipack doubles is this green Mazda RX-7. Very nice color and tampo design which echos the 2017 Mainline. I love this casting more every time I see it. This one won't send a representative to the wall, mostly because the yellow mystery models car from last week is already there. But if it wasn't -- this one would be a shoe-in.

Mazda RX-7
2018 Multipack Exclusive


'08 Ford Focus

So the other week WalMart gave up some mega 10-packs. I don't know what it is about Walmart, but somehow they are able to sell a ton of these 10-packs so there is rarely the kind of stale stuff that I see at Toys'R'Us. In the course of a week I bought two 10-packs, and while there is some overlap between them, most of the cars in both were awesome.

The '08 Focus is one such awesome casting. I love the extended nose and the spoiler on the back. It's just a little ridiculous, but in a believable way. Not a huge fan of this tampo design, but I'll live with it. It is nice to see this casting get front/back wheels that match for a change.

'08 Ford Focus
2018 Multipack Exclusive



This one is a weird one. Although it is nominally part of the 2017 Forza Motorsport series, it isn't numbered as part of that series, nor did it appear in Canada. So is it a chase car? A bonus car? A screw-you-foreigners car? Dunno. In any case, I wanted it, so I got it as part of the KMJ order last year.

Ford Falcon Race Car
2017 Forza Motorsport, unnumbered
I love the paint on this car, and there was serious time taken to make the color of the decorations work properly. (I understand this is probably due to the source car in the game.) but it all just works so damn well.

But is it worthy of the display shelf? Oh my, that's a genuinely difficult question. The car that's up there now is the 2014 Multipack Car (that I picked up in 2017, but anyways). The Multipack car has steadily grown on me and it has been a long standing member of The Worthy. This car is very, very, very good -- I couldn't decide if it was that good. In the end though, this car does displace the Multipack car -- the new one is, objectively, better in every way.


Matchbox In A Matchbox

Matchbox has this gimick right now where they sell cars that are actually in small cardboard boxes. The cars themselves appear to be from middle of last year, and for some reason are more expensive than the blister packs are, but they are a different way of presenting the car. I picked this Volkswagen GTI so that I could have a look at one of these, partially because it was really the only car that appealed to me at all from the picked-over case that was there, and partially because one of my sons is on a Volkswagen kick right now and I knew he'd like it even if I didn't.

Volkswagen GTI
Matchbox #118
So normally with Matchbox when you get into real licensed cars you get a fairly realistic rendering. This one might be considered fairly realistic, but it ends up being rather boring in my view. Some of the details are nice, like the gap where the plastic bumper assembly is joined up with the body of the car, and the red-rimmed wheels are nice, but there's something about the nose that just turns me off this model.

But is it worthy of the display shelf? No. No, it is not.