Simple and Clean

2017 Mainline #55
Now here's a properly executed model -- simple lines, faithfully recreated, and nice detailed tampos on the front (headlights) and back (tail lights and badging). This body/paint combinations has turned out much nicer than most of the other 2017 zamac bodies I've seen so far. I wasn't a fan of these wheels when I first saw them (I think here); but in this case they have grown on me. I may have been disappointed last time, but I like this model the more I look at it.


Another Misfire

'73 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car
2017 Mailine #57
Unfortunately, all three of the cars I have of this casting have similar flaws. I don't know why Mattel is having such a hard time executing on these.
Poor zamac finish under the wing; tampo mis-applications

Scratches and mis-tampos on the front sunshield
The 2016 cars were labelled as 1973 BMW 3.0 CSL Race Car.


The Odyssey Continues

Honda Odyssey
2017 Mainline #58

I have two of these, both of them have a mis-tampo on the driver's side by the front wheel arch. This one also has tampo damage on the hood, like it's been partially scraped off somehow. Overall this batch of 2017 cars has been very mixed, quality-wise -- you have nice details like the licence plates on K.I.T.T. and the Porsche 993 GT2; however most cars have mis-tampos, flaws in the plastic windows, and/or thin paint that reveals poor zamac finish.


Orange Peeler

Porsche 993 GT2
If I had to pick a color that would work generally well on castings, it probably would not be orange. However, this orange has worked well on all the casting's we've seen it on in the last few years; releasing the cars without garish tampoing as well also helps.

Hood details, front license plate


Knight Rider

2017 Mainline #3
License Plate Detail
Nice rendering of the ultimate computer car. I like the license plate details as well.


Happy New Year 2017

Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
2017 Mainline #68
I like this rendering of this casting, although the details could be cleaned up somewhat. I'm still waiting for the point of this Urban Outlaw licensing deal with Magnus Walker to yield fruit; so far I'm not impressed.