Red Rocket

There's another red one of these coming this year, and I found this in the bin of carded cars I have in the closet, so I figured it was worth getting it out to look at.

I still think that the canopy needs detail -- grey or silver piping on the pillars perhaps -- in any case, some way of breaking it up from the partially see-through blob that it is now. But details wise this car is fantastic, better than the black one from this year definitely. The wheels I would maybe swap, but they are better than average, so we'll keep them for now.

'90 Acura NSX
2014 Mainline #218


Missing Mini

Found this mini while digging around in the bin of carded cars I have. Too late for the extraveganza, but worth looking at.

Once I got this car out of the package I understood what people were talking about when they said the casting started to lose its tolerance -- the top flops around quite a bit on the base.

Morris Mini
2014 Mainline #194

Interestingly there's no roll cage on the base for this one. The body is nicely finished, though.


Found It

Found the other Ice Cream Truck that I was thinking of -- although this one is called the "Tropicool". Whatever. 

2001 Mainline #136


Yellow Racer

Here's the yellow version of the Renault Sport R.S. 01. The grey one was ok, but the yellow colored one is nicer. Honestly the red one is still my favorite, but this one is pretty good.

Renault Sport R.S. 01
2016 Mainline #079


Well Damn

So I'm a sucker for rally cars with lots of lights on the front of them, so I look at the card art for this Rally Cat thing and think yeah, why not, I'm getting three others, right? 

And then I open it, and I'm disappointed, it looks like some kind of custom dirt track racer or something, right? Ugh.

Rally Cat (error)
2017 Mainline #305
But then I look closer -- and it occurs to me that the reason why it looks wrong is because it is wrong -- it is missing a yellow plastic insert piece.

This is the second or third error I've ever picked up off the pegs, and it is probably the first one I did totally by accident. It might have even been worth something if I'd kept it unopened, but no, I open them all, so here we are.


Even More Zamac

Lotta Zamac this year, eh? I think there's even one more after this one, but it isn't a hit. This one is okay, I like the green trimmed wheels a lot, and it does work with the zamac-with-green-highlights of the main body.

Custom '01 Acura Integra GSR
2017 Zamac #005


British Footwar

So yeah, this just looks like a shoe to me. Raked vents in the door are more than a bit much and the fender flairs on te back don't fit. Paint job is decent.

Aston Martin One-77
2017 Mainline #200